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Tooth And Nail Tattoo // Davenport, IA

Joe Perreze

Tattooing // Graphic Design // Clawhammer Banjo

Idle Hands Are the Devil's Plaything

Accordingly, I keep myself very busy. I work in graphic design, music and tattooing. I have worked with record labels, bands, tattoo shops and clothing stores developing brands, logos and websites and have played clawhammer banjo with a few national acts including The Goddamn Gallows and Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band. I completed my tattoo apprenticeship under my father, Matthew Perez, at Spadeball Ink in Butte, Montana in 2008.

Currently I tattoo at Tooth and Nail in Davenport, Iowa and run a small clothing company, Autopsy Tailors.



Black & Grey Realism // Blackwork // Dotwork


Punk Rock // Bluegrass // Roots

Solo project, multiple instruments (2008 - present)
Recorded on albums "Songs For The Birds" and "This Is A Photograph..." listen at
Banjo (2011 - present)
Recorded on albums "7 Devils" and "The Maker" listen at
Banjo (2009 - 2011)
Recorded on album "Bless This Mess" listen at ReverbNation

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